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Helga Zepp-LaRouche

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British Push Mideast Wars to Derail Emerging Four-Power Cooperation

In October 2009, speaking at the Dialogue of Civilizations Forum on the Island of Rhodes, Lyndon LaRouche developed the concept that an agreement among four leading powers — the U.S., China, Russia and India — can form the basis for creating a new global credit system, to replace the hopelessly bankrupt Trans-Atlantic financial system which crashed spectacularly a year earlier. In the last years, under the direction of China’s President Xi Jinping, that potential began to take concrete shape. With the election in 2016 of Donald Trump as President, in large part due to his rejection of the policies of war and financial speculation of his predecessors, it appeared that he was prepared to take steps to move the U.S. to join this agreement.

This alone explains the desperate moves against him, beginning with the fraudulent Russiagate accusations, cooked up by British intelligence networks and Obama’s intelligence officials. It also explains the push for sharper confrontation of the U.S. against Russia and China, including the Skripal affair, and the Douma false flag chemical weapons charges. The latest dangerous moves by Israel’s Netanyahu regime, against Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and the Palestinians, and the continuing genocidal war waged by the Saudis against Yemen, are part of this same deployment, to use war to stop the consolidation of LaRouche’s idea of a Four Power agreement.

Helga Zepp LaRouche has said that the only thing which can stop this Four Power dynamic, which has been gaining momentum around China’s leadership, with the Belt and Road Initiative, is war. The war drive from Britain must be defeated! Join Mrs. LaRouche and your host Harley Schlanger this Thursday, for the latest update on this fight, and what you can do to ensure that the Empire and its geopolitical insanity is brought to an end.

Webcast: As Tensions Mount, Keep an Eye on the Big Picture

The broader strategic implications of President Trump’s decision on the Iran deal are not yet clear. What is clear is that the British Empire and its allies intend to escalate the tension, especially between the U.S. and Russia, and between the U.S. and China. Their goal is to sabotage the New Paradigm, which is emerging around a Four Power agreement between China, Russia, India and the U.S., centered on China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, which continues to win the support of the majority of governments, despite the desperate efforts of its geopolitical opponents, who are deploying sanctions, regime change, terrorism and proxy wars to stop it.

It must also be noted that the wheels continue to fall off the Russiagate steamroller, with judges issuing rulings challenging legal assassin Robert Mueller’s serial abuses of power. Further, the agencies behind it, especially the FBI, are being purged, through firings and resignations, in anticipation of indictments to come.

Now is not the time to engage in armchair musings, or depressed submission. Last week, Helga Zepp LaRouche issued a stirring challenge for an unprecedented mobilization, on behalf of the New Paradigm. Join her this week — ON WEDNESDAY — as she outlines what must be done to achieve victory over the degenerate oligarchs engaging in a collapsing defense of the Old Paradigm.

Let Us Celebrate The Future Spirit of Humanity

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Victory Day Message

– Let Us Celebrate The Future Spirit of Humanity –

Only 73 years after the Second World War when people
responded to that horrible catastrophe with the solemn commitment
“Never Again,” we find ourselves again on the verge of a possible
hot war.

With one provocation after another, each more transparently
false than the previous one, the war faction of the City of
London imperial oligarchs and their Wall Street neo-con/neo-lib
partners continue their efforts to sabotage the potential of the
New Paradigm, which is emerging in Eurasia to be a worldwide
movement with breathtaking speed. Even though Russiagate, the
Skripal poisoning, and the Douma chemical weapons “false flag”
hoax all have been exposed as originating in the diseased minds
of British intelligence circles, still they are at it again, this
time with Netanyahu claiming he has “proof” that Iran never ended
its nuclear program, attempting to trap the United States into
yet another disastrous war in the Middle East and a possible
nuclear confrontation with Russia. Many in the governments of the
West have stepped on that slippery slope again, which was warned
about in the Nuremburg Tribunal, by violating international law
and the principles laid down in the United Nations Charter.

But their power is diminishing, as they have increasingly
been forced to act in their own name, thereby exposing
themselves. Their ability to keep control has also been
diminishing, due to the challenge from the New Silk Road and the
New Paradigm it represents. In the last weeks, diplomatic and
economic events and summits have greatly advanced the New
Paradigm. The strategic partnership between Russia and China and
the integration of the Belt and Road Initiative with the Eurasian
Economic Union have created hope for especially the developing
countries, who see the chance to overcome poverty and
underdevelopment for the first time.

The best way to commemorate the losses, the suffering, and
the heroism of the individuals who lost their lives in the Great
Patriotic War is by creating a new era of mankind, which puts the
concept of the one humanity first, in that way creating a new
international order, which overcomes geopolitics forever.
Imperialism must be defeated as a relic of a bestial image of
man, and be replaced with the noble image of man as the only
creative species known in the universe so far.

Let us celebrate the future spirit of humanity, which is so
beautifully expressed in the {Ode to Joy}by Friedrich Schiller
and the 9th Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven:

“All men become brethren…
Be embrac’d, ye millions yonder!
Take this kiss throughout the world!
Brothers — o’er the stars unfurl’d
Must reside a loving Father.”

Webcast: The Empire Based in London Won’t Give Up: They Must, and Can Be Defeated

With one provocation after another, each more transparently false than the previous one, the war faction of City of London imperial oligarchs and their Wall Street neo-con/neo-lib partners continue their efforts to sabotage the potential of the New Paradigm, which is emerging in Eurasia to be a worldwide movement, with breathtaking speed. Though Russiagate, the Skripal poisoning, and the Douma chemical weapons False Flag hoax have been exposed as originating in the diseased minds of British intelligence circles, they are at it again, with Bibi Netanyahu claiming he has “proof” that Iran never ended its nuclear program, attempting to trap the U.S. into yet another disastrous war in the Middle East, and possible nuclear confrontation with Russia.

It is not enough to expose each fraud as it emerges. The unique role of the Schiller Institute, especially through the global role played by our founder, Helga Zepp LaRouche, is to focus attention on the intent of those engaging in these provocations, to pre-empt them from fulfilling that intent, which is to keep the world divided, at war, so that a unilateral degenerate Trans-Atlantic “elite” can remain the dominant power in the world.

But their power is diminishing, as they have increasingly been forced to act in their own name, thereby exposing themselves. Their ability to keep control has also been diminishing, due to the challenge from the New Silk Road, and the New Paradigm it represents.

In the last weeks, diplomatic and economic events and summits have greatly advanced the New Paradigm. It is essential that the voice of the Schiller Institute be magnified, through an expanding membership and a growing audience for our weekly webcast. Join us this week with your host Harley Schlanger, and help us expand the numbers who catch the New Silk Road Spirit.

Webcast: London-Based Empire Exposed — Door Open for Trans-Atlantic Economic Change

With well-deserved doubt greeting every strategic claim coming from the City of London and its allied forces on Wall Street and in Brussels, resulting from the ongoing exposure of their lies, e.g. on “Russiagate” and the use of “chemical weapons”, there is an unprecedented opportunity to break with the Old Paradigm on its weakest flank, the lie that the economy is strong and growing. In reality, the only thing growing is the danger of a new blowout, as there are new warnings daily of problems in the banking and financial system, due to an unsustainable bubble of all forms of debt. It was a similar confluence of bad debt and bloated leverage which led to Lyndon LaRouche’s prophetic warning, in July 2007, of an inevitable, coming blowout of the financial system, at a time when the consensus was that the economy was “strong.”

With the emergence of a model which promotes real physical growth of the economy, through the expansion of China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI), the Schiller Institute’s Helga Zepp LaRouche has been emphasizing that the time is now for the economic program developed by her husband, known as “LaRouche’s Four Basic Laws;” to be implemented. There is no reason to tolerate a new crash, with the death and misery it would create, when a proven alternative is gaining support among the majority of nations. Further, it is the desperate attempt to save the old system which is behind the drive for war coming from the imperial crowd, which would risk the annihilation of the human race, rather than give up the fictional values of their financial holdings.

The Schiller Institute has launched an offensive, to get out the truth about the financial oligarchs and their neocon war mongers, and to mobilize governments to adopt LaRouche’s Four Laws, and join the BRI. Get the latest update from Helga on this Thursday’s webcast, hosted by Harley Schlanger.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Coverage in Russian Satellite News Agency, Calls for Trump and Putin to Meet

Russian Satellite News Agency, Moscow, April 13th — Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder of Schiller Institute in Germany, said in an interview covered by the Russian Satellite News Agency that the sooner the Presidents of the United States and Russia meet, the more opportunity they will have to eliminate the two countries’ conflict threats.

The expert said: “As Trump said on Twitter, the deterioration of U.S.-Russian relations is largely the result of actions within the U.S. against him. Special investigations by Mueller and various committees of the country over the past year have found no ‘Russian traces.'”

LaRouche concluded: “The sooner Trump meets with Putin, the more opportunity they have to stop the provocation.”

U.S. President Trump discussed the possibility of holding bilateral meetings with Putin during the telephone conversation on March 20. However, according to the Kremlin, due to the sharp deterioration of relations between the two countries, the issue would not be discussed at the beginning of April.

A Dialogue of Three Presidencies: Bending the Arc of the Moral Universe Toward Justice





Part One: Keynote by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Join us live on April 7 at 12pm EST. American President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Russian President Vladimir Putin could together, in the next months, make the most important set of decisions to affect humanity since the Renaissance of the fifteenth century. The possible settlement of the Korea issue is only one example. The right decisions made by these three nations and their allies in the next weeks, could begin, in the near term, to eliminate poverty, colonialism and war from the planet. The solutions for eliminating this triple evil lie both in our stars, and in ourselves.

British Imperial forces have temporarily lost control of the failing transatlantic geopolitical process. Now, they are attempting to re-take the advantage. As with British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele’s Russia-Gate hoax, now, the “Russia poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter” hoax is intended to drive a wedge between President Trump and Vladimir Putin. If this effort succeeds, all the work done by Devin Nunes’ House Intelligence Committee, and others, to reveal the corrupt role of members of the FBI, Department of Justice, State Department and others in the British-run coup against the American Presidency in 2016, will be for nothing.

Perpetual war, as advocated by the Bush 41, Bush 43, and Obama Administrations, can be replaced with a new economic platform and a new cultural paradigm.

On Saturday, April 7, Schiller institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche will keynote this conference to rally Americans to that optimistic perspective. Adopting the economic measures and outlook known as the LaRouche Four Laws while embracing the still-offered Chinese proposal, would provide the basis to deliver a rapid upshift in American productive employment, living standards, and the education of youth in the United States.


Join us for Part Two

Webcast: New Silk Road is Shaping Strategic Affairs

The hysterical and vitriolic rhetoric against Russia, coming from Britain’s imperial oligarchs and their intelligence services, channeled through Theresa May and Boris BoJo Johnson, is fooling no one. While some governments have subserviently gone along with the dangerous provocations, others, including the U.S., have made only token gestures. These actions, including expulsion of diplomats, have heightened tensions, but are thus far falling short of May’s claims of a global united front against Russia. Many nations seem more in line with the thinking of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, who said of the May government’s unfounded allegations in the Skripal affair, that it is “too obvious that our British colleagues have lost their sense of reality.”

Those leaders who have not lost their sense of reality instead have been engaging in an impressive array of diplomatic and economic activity, forging agreements to participate in China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative BRI). Parallel to these efforts is a Russian initiative to bring peace to Syria, working with Syria’s neighbors. The British-directed geopoliticians have no doubt taken notice that as this initiative moves forward, President Trump restated his campaign promise to end all U.S. military involvement in Syria, while reiterating his desire for a summit with Putin in the near future.

What is behind the British attacks against Putin and Russia is not the fraudulent claim that Putin ordered the poisoning of a former Russian intelligence officer, just as the Mueller investigation has nothing to do with “Russian meddling” in the U.S. election. The target of these provocations is the New Paradigm, associated with the BRI, which the City of London and its Wall Street allies correctly have identified as the successor to their failed system. Were the U.S. to join with Russia, China and India, as Lyndon LaRouche urged in the aftermath of the 2008 Crash, there would be no way to prevent the emergence of the New Paradigm.

Join us this week, As Helga Zepp LaRouche provides an urgent update on the extraordinary developments of the last days.

Webcast: How To Outflank Mad Theresa May’s March to World War III

What can explain the lemming-like reaction of Trans-Atlantic governments, to the hysterical escalation of the British Empire against Russia, in the Skripal affair? As Helga Zepp LaRouche has emphasized, there is only one explanation, which is the desperate fear of the “elites” in power, that the days of their bankrupt empire are numbered, as the vast proportion of humanity is catching the “New Silk Road Spirit,” and is being recruited into the New Paradigm represented by the “win-win” policies of China and its Belt and Road Initiative. Rather than acknowledging the failure of their system, the imperial geopoliticians pulling May’s strings are falling into the Thucydides Trap, risking the danger of the annihilation of mankind in a nuclear war — all to protect a failed and dying system.

Join us this Thursday, March 29, as Mrs. LaRouche will discuss what is necessary to outflank this madness.

Webcast: Desperation of British Imperial Elites Forces Them To Make a Big Blunder!

As the façade covering for the centuries-long methods employed by British imperial elites, to maintain their control, is being ripped to shreds, their desperation has become highly visible, as they are now acting in the open, in their own name! This is a big blunder, as even those in denial about the existence of the British empire can see that London is now openly leading a push for war. In the last days, the irrational rants against Russia from Theresa May and Boris Johnson have become increasingly shrill, demonstrating clearly their fear that they are losing control. 

The consolidation of leadership in Russia and China around Presidents Putin and Xi stands in stark contrast to the collapse of ruling parties in the Trans-Atlantic region, beginning with Brexit. The continuing indications that President Trump favors cooperation with Russia and China, rather than geopolitical confrontation, is heightening the hysteria in London. While a war remains a real possibility, due to British provocations, it is also highly conceivable that what we are hearing are the dying gasps of a collapsing empire. 

As Helga Zepp LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized, the “win-win” approach of the New Paradigm, centered on China’s New Silk Road policy, is unstoppable. Join us on Thursday, as she will provide her unique analysis of what is required now, in the face of London’s escalated war drive, to reap the benefits for mankind from a New Paradigm, based on economic cooperation on the greatest scale in human history.

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