The Schiller Institute A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization Sun, 04 Dec 2022 02:10:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Schiller Institute 32 32 Your Choice: Unlimited Fusion Power—Or Unlimited War Sun, 04 Dec 2022 02:10:05 +0000 Nov. 30 (EIRNS)—China’s Science and Technology Daily reported Nov. 28 on the status of the Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Technology (CRAFT) being built at the Hefei University of Science and Technology. China, the report makes clear, is serious about meeting its goal of generating continuous fusion energy by 2028, for use in a hybrid fission fusion power plant, and generating fusion energy directly for the electric grid by 2035. Materials and technologies needed to control fusion reactions are already being tested at CRAFT, a giant complex which will be fully completed by 2024, as part of the broader fusion project based out of the university, which is home to the superconducting EAST, or Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Plasma Physics.

This is great news for everyone worldwide. The phenomenal leap in humanity’s power on Earth and in the Solar System that will flow out of mastering controlled thermonuclear fusion reactions has been known for decades. Lyndon LaRouche founded the Fusion Energy Foundation in 1974 to promote its advance, and by the time the U.S. government shut it down in 1987, the foundation’s monthly magazine, Fusion, was one of the most popular science magazines in the United States.

The development of a full-scale fusion powered-economy has taken as long as it has for purely political, not technical or scientific reasons. The Malthusian, imperial oligarchy has been its mortal enemy, but when people understand the almost limitless progress which fusion power and its associated technologies can bring, Malthusianism is finished.

China is not only committed to developing fusion, but is bringing other nations in, to share in the development. Twelve days ago, China’s Institute for Plasma Physics announced that one of the institute’s four working tokamaks had been dismantled, packed carefully into six containers, and is now ready to be shipped to Thailand in mid-December, where it will be reassembled and put to work at the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology!

China is donating the tokamak to Thailand, along with training the Thai scientists and engineers who will run it. When officially launched in the first part of next year, scientists and engineers from across the Southeast 

Asian countries will be able to receive there the training they also need to run future fusion experiments and reactors in their own countries. 

That act is a microcosm of a world order befitting humanity.

Imagine what progress could be made in improving the lives of every human being on this planet, were the United States, Japan, France and Germany—for example—to do likewise.

Instead, the as-yet-unshaken commitment of the Anglo-American powers and their European cohorts to their dog-eat-dog view of humanity continues to threaten the annihilation of the human species itself. Not satisfied with the devastation their war against Russia has brought upon the world (Ukraine emphatically included), are preparing for “the big one,” as U.S. Strategic Command head Adm. Charles Richard puts it: a war against China.

Today, the Pentagon released its annual “China Military Power Report,” declaring that China’s determination to complete “the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by 2049” is what makes China a threat to the U.S. The day before, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency announced that it has established a “China mission group” to integrate all work done by the DIA on China, because China represents “an existential threat to the long-term success of the United States.” 

The U.K. neocon thinktank, the Council for Geostrategy, has launched a campaign for His Majesty’s government to elevate its operations against China in the Himalayas region to the level of its commitment to its maritime Indo-Pacific “tilt.” Included in its recommendations, is fostering the India-China border conflict. Countering China was high on the agenda of the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting on its second day. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Secretary of State Tony Blinken declared before the meeting began today, that NATO is committed to standing together against China, as Stoltenberg bragged that NATO had been training and equipping Ukraine’s armed forces since 2014.

The U.S. military, for the third time, made an ostentatious show of one of its ballistic missile submarines, this time at the U.K.’s military base on Diego Garcia, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Likewise, U.S. Strategic Command reported that earlier in November, it had carried out an exercise, Spirit Vigilance 2022, demonstrating that eight stealth bombers could taxi out and take off at once from a Missouri airfield. 

And they complain that Russian and Chinese strategic bombers flew a joint patrol over the Sea of Japan and the South China sea today? 

Where this is heading, is very, very frightening—and completely unnecessary. Human beings were made for something better; to cooperate in the development of each other, and taking joy in it. Let the citizens of the world take heart and join with the Schiller Institute in establishing a world order worthy of the principle that human beings are capable of governing themselves on behalf of all others. 

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Russian Academy of Sciences Linked Sites Publish Schiller Institute Paper on Prospects for a Fusion Energy Economy Sun, 04 Dec 2022 01:49:46 +0000 Nov. 26 (EIRNS)—Websites associated with Russia’s Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INION RAS) have just published the address, titled, “Prospects for a Fusion Energy-Based Economy for the BRICS Nations and Partners,” by Richard A. Black of the Schiller Institute. The address was given at the Oct. 25-26 conference on “Scientific-Technological and Innovative Cooperation of BRICS Countries,” organized by the Russian National Committee on BRICS Research. The conference heard an address also on Oct. 25 by Helga Zepp-LaRouche on prospects and principles for a new international credit system, as designed by Lyndon LaRouche. The Russian websites which have published the paper are “Greater Eurasia: Development, Security, Cooperation” and “The Club of Subjects of Innovative and Technological Development.”  The INION of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which published the speech, is a section of the RAS. Taras Muranivsky, who headed the Schiller Institute in Moscow for many years until his death in 2000, was associated with that section of RAS, and Lyndon LaRouche had addressed it in 1994. 

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Webcast: We May Be In For an Unwanted Surprise Before the End of the Year Thu, 01 Dec 2022 21:49:52 +0000

In concluding her report on the dangerous insanity displayed in the last days by TransAtlantic officials, Helga Zepp-LaRouche warned that we are in a moment of “heightened danger”, which could lead to a “surprise.” She opened the discussion by referring to comments by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabokov, who warned of the effect of constant casual talk of “limited nuclear war.” She identified the “spiral of escalation coming from the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting, and the threats from Ursula von der Leyen to use frozen Russian funds as “reparations” to rebuild Ukraine, and to hold a war crimes tribunal to try Russian officials, as part of the escalation.

She also spoke of the vote inTaiwan, in which the “independence” party, the DPP, lost big, as a signal that.contrary to the line coming from western provocateurs, the people of Taiwan want peace. The lack of knowledge of Chinese history of most westerners, combined with the censorship and mind control, exerted through such methods as “pre-bunking”, is used to prepare people for war with China.

The best antidote is to lift the level of discussion to a philosophical level, as she did with the drafting of the 10 Fundamental Principles, which serve as a basis for a dialogue process to construct a new strategic and financial architecture. It is urgent that such discussions occur, she concluded, as the necessary programs of cooperation for development come from principles, not pragmatic policies.

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Ten Principles of a New International Security and Development Architecture Wed, 30 Nov 2022 05:05:25 +0000 Nov. 24—Because it charts the approach needed for solving the entire crisis now facing the One Humanity, and is therefore at the center of the LaRouche movement’s activities on all fronts internationally, and requires the broadest possible study and deliberation, we reproduce below the closing section of Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s address to the Nov. 22 Schiller Institute conference, “Stop the Danger of Nuclear War Now; Third Seminar of Political and Social Leaders of the World.”

The new paradigm which will be characteristic of the new epoch, and towards which the new global security and development architecture must be directed, therefore, must eliminate the concept of oligarchism for good, and proceed to organize the political order in such a way, that the true character of humanity as the creative species can be realized.

Therefore, I suggest that the following principles must be discussed and if agreed upon be realized. These ideas are meant to be food for thought and a dialogue among all people concerned to find a basis for a world order guaranteeing the durable existence of the human species.

First: The new International Security and Development Architecture must be a partnership of perfectly sovereign nation states, which is based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and the UN Charter.

Second: The absolute priority must be to alleviate poverty in every nation on the planet, which is easily possible, if the existing technologies are being used for the benefit of the common good.

Third: The life expectancy of all people living must be prolonged to the fullest potential by creating modern health systems in every country on the planet. This is also the only way how the present and future potential pandemics can be overcome or be prevented.

Fourth: Since mankind is the only creative species known so far in the universe, and given the fact that human creativity is the only source of wealth through the potentially limitless discovery of new universal principles, one of the main aims of the new International Security and Development Architecture must be providing access to universal education for every child and adult person living. The true nature of man is to become a beautiful soul, as Friedrich Schiller discusses this, and the only person who can fulfill that condition is the genius.

Fifth: The international financial system must be reorganized, so that it can provide productive credits to accomplish these aims. A reference point can be the original Bretton Woods system, as Franklin D. Roosevelt intended it, but was never implemented due to his untimely death, and the Four Laws proposed by Lyndon LaRouche. The primary aim of such a new credit system must be to increase dramatically the living standard of especially the nations of the Global South and of the poor in the Global North.

Sixth: The new economic order must be focused on creating the conditions for modern industries and agriculture, starting with the infrastructural development of all continents to eventually be connected by tunnels and bridges to become a World Land-Bridge.

Seventh: The new global security architecture must eliminate the concept of geopolitics by ending the division of the world into blocs. The security concerns of every sovereign nation must be taken into account. Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction must be immediately banned. Through international cooperation, the means must be developed to make nuclear weapons technologically obsolete, as it was originally intended by the proposal which became known as the SDI, suggested by LaRouche and made as an offer to the Soviet Union by President Reagan.

Eighth: In former times, one civilization at one corner of the world could go under, and the rest of the world would only find out years later, due to the length of distances and the time needed for travel. Now, for the first time, because of nuclear weapons, pandemics, the internet, and other global effects, mankind is sitting in one boat. Therefore, a solution to the existential threat to humanity cannot be found with the help of secondary or partial arrangements, but the solution must be found on the level of that higher One, which is more powerful than the Many. It requires the thinking on the level of Coincidentia Oppositorum, the Coincidence of Opposites, of Nicholas of Cusa.

Ninth: In order to overcome the conflicts arising out of quarreling opinions, which is how empires have maintained control over the underlings, the economic, social and political order has to be brought into cohesion with the lawfulness of the physical universe. In European philosophy this was discussed as the being in character with natural law, in Indian philosophy as cosmology, and in other cultures appropriate notions can be found. Modern sciences like space science, biophysics or thermonuclear fusion science will increase the knowledge of mankind about this lawfulness continuously. A similar cohesion can be found in the great works of classical art in different cultures.

Tenth: The basic assumption for the new paradigm is, that man is fundamentally good and capable to infinitely perfect the creativity of his mind and the beauty of his soul, and being the most advanced geological force in the universe, which proves that the lawfulness of the mind and that of the physical universe are in correspondence and cohesion, and that all evil is the result of a lack of development, and therefore can be overcome.

A new world economic order is emerging, involving the vast majority of the countries of the Global South. The European nations and the U.S. must not fight this effort, but by joining hands with the developing countries, cooperate to shape the next epoch of the development of the human species to become a renaissance of the highest and most noble expressions of creativity!

Let us therefore create an international movement of World Citizens, who work together to shape the next phase in the evolution of mankind, the new epoch! World Citizens of all countries, unite!

Listen to Helga Zepp-LaRouche develop principles of a new security and development architecture.
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Over a Million Mexicans March in Support of AMLO’s Government Tue, 29 Nov 2022 19:07:07 +0000 Nov. 28, 2022 (EIRNS)–President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called a march in Mexico City on Sunday, Nov. 27, to which he would give a report on his government, four years in. An estimated 1.2 million Mexicans turned out, according to the official report by the (pro-AMLO) head of the Mexico City government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

It was a real show of force by AMLO against the neocon-led destabilization of his government. The crowd was very large and very festive, full of mariachi bands and people doing traditional Mexican dances as they marched, with delegations from around the country participating with their signs identifying their city or region. The slogans chanted were simple: “AMLO, you are not alone;” “It is an honor to be with Obrador;” and “Mexico is my party.”

The Schiller Institute was present, using the occasion to advise Mexicans of the nuclear war danger facing the world. As people gathered for the march to start, organizers gave megaphone briefings and distributed 2,000 leaflets next to their very big banner reading, “Citizens of the World: Unite. Stop Nuclear War! For a New World Economic Order. The Schiller Institute,” which they then carried as part of the march. While some were taken aback by the Schiller Institute’s message in the midst of this great fiesta, many people listened carefully to the briefings and were happy to take a leaflet. Many took videos and photos of the banner.

Unlike the march organized against him by the ultra-right opposition three weeks before, which saw perhaps 60,000 in a rich area of the city, when AMLO began his hour and a half speech, Mexico City’s giant Zocalo central square was full. The President began by noting his happiness that the majority of people participating in the march were young people. He reviewed his administration’s efforts, in particular, to “put the poor first,” and push aside the oligarchy’s grip on the government.

The President told the march that Mexico’s foreign policy is one of “non-intervention, self-determination, cooperation for development, and the peaceful solution of disputes; we act on the basis of the ideal of universal brotherhood.”

He also delivered an implicit warning to the rightwing opposition being mounted against him. Mexico is a “sanctuary of freedom” and the right to freedom of speech and dissent today, he said. “For example, here, in Mexico City, a few days ago, without any obstacle, the most famous personalities of the world’s ultra-right held their summit here.” He then added: “We never again wish to apply Article 33 of the Constitution, and we do not want anyone to call anyone a pernicious foreigner.” He did not say, but everyone knows, that Art. 33, which states that “foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country,” grants the President “the power to expel from national territory any foreigner, according to the law, after a hearing.”

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China’s Covid Crisis, 1,400 Times Better Than the U.S.’s on a Good Day Tue, 29 Nov 2022 19:01:58 +0000 Nov. 28, 2022 (EIRNS)–The reality of the COVID-19 situation in China is that new cases/day in China increased from Oct 28 (1,168) to Nov 21 (26,115), and then leveled off in the last week (27,620 yesterday). This very high level (for China) is the equivalent of around 6,500/day in the US, about a sixth of what is reported to be going on in the U.S. today — and the US figure, due to the non-reporting of home testing, is a massive undercount.

Further, since China is testing and tracking so closely, their medical results are even that much more impressive. COVID-19 deaths in China, zero for many weeks, zoomed to 6 in the last week. Compare this to the US in the last week losing around 2,000 people to the virus and Germany around 1,000. Per population, this would be equivalent in China to 8,600 and 17-18,000, respectively; making the performance of the U.S. over 1,400 times worse, and that of Germany 2,800-3,000 times worse — not quite the same ballpark.

What are called two sub-variants (BA.F and BA.5.1.7) of Omicron’s BA.5 variant broke out a month ago. Both sub-variants evade immunity, both from previous infections and from vaccines; and both sub-variants spread faster. So, by November 11, China’s CDC and their Center for Disease Control and Prevention updated their control protocols with 20 adjustments, and ten days later the spread seems to have stabilized.

The faster transmission rate impacted the actions required to both test and track. Some local officials over-reacted with too general, and sometimes unnecessary lockdowns; some did not move hard enough. So, Chinese health officials have sent teams to the regions to work out the bumps in the process. As Wang Liping, from China’s CDC, put it: “Epidemiological investigators, transport staff and nucleic acid testing personnel should cooperate and exchange information, so as to grab the golden window of opportunity of 24 hours to prevail over the virus.” In China, six deaths are a national emergency.

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Egeland Warns Europe Faces Hundreds of Thousands Of Ukrainian Refugees This Winter Tue, 29 Nov 2022 18:50:04 +0000 Egeland Warns Europe Faces Hundreds of Thousands Of Ukrainian Refugees This Winter

Jan Egeland, the head of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), said in an interview with Euronews that there will be hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees this coming winter. “It is really a choice between freeze or fleeing,” he said. “Therefore, very many people are voluntarily fleeing… Europe has to prepare for hundreds of thousands of new refugees this winter, from Norway in the north to the southern European countries.”

“We’re in a race against the clock,” Egeland said. “I’ve been travelling all through the south and the east of Ukraine … and every city you go to is dark and people are freezing.”

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The Present Danger of Nuclear War Confirms what We Have Said: There Is No Peace Without Development Fri, 25 Nov 2022 22:48:49 +0000 Helga Zepp-LaRouche issued a direct challenge to viewers today, that they join the discussion process underway around what she presented as 10 Principles of a new security and development architecture as a matter of utmost urgency.  There is a “daily escalation” of the war danger, she said, citing Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova, who said the war in Ukraine is now a war “between NATO and Russia.”   

Most people are not getting that this is the real picture.  The process around our mobilization is “exploding”, she said, as increasing numbers of officials have become fearful that world war looms, unless there is a serious effort to end the NATO escalation against Russia.  In her presentation in the November 22 SI conference, she showed why “pragmatic solutions” cannot work, and that it is necessary to go to a higher level, exemplified by Nicholas of Cusa’s “Coincidence of Opposites”.  This means returning to the ideas of the Peace of Westphalia, in which sovereign nations act on the basis of recognition of the legitimate interests of the other — which means not just the absence of war, but the eradication of poverty.
In her concluding remarks, she said, the issue is defining principles under which we can “govern ourselves” — let’s debate this,” insisting that it is not only necessary to approach the problem on this higher level, but possible.

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Webcast: World War III Danger Over Fatal Missile Strike in Poland Confirms Need for New Strategic Architecture Thu, 17 Nov 2022 22:19:44 +0000

In her webcast today, the Schiller Institute’s Helga Zepp-LaRouche explained how this week’s deadly missile attack in Poland confirms why she and the Schiller Institute have insisted on the need for a new strategic and financial architecture. Even after it became evident that the attack, which killed two Polish citizens, was not initiated by Russia but by Ukraine, the NATO pro-war faction continued to blame Russia, and insist on full support for Zelensky’s puppet government.

The attack occurred during the G20 summit, in which nations of the Global South asserted that they are no longer willing to accept a colonial world order, dominated by the U.S. and Europe. There were important discussions between China’s Xi Jinping and leaders, including Biden and Macron. Zepp-LaRouche emphasized that momentum is with Asia, where there is growth of the real economy, while the west is collapsing due to self-imposed deindustrialization.

While the arrogance of western leaders, committed to war defending the Unipolar Order, remains a danger to all mankind, the emergence of a new NonAligned Movement offers the opportunity for a new movement of world citizens to recognize that the future depends on cooperation. She urged viewers to register for the SI conference on Nov. 22.

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Conference: Stop the Danger of Nuclear War Now Tue, 22 Nov 2022 03:42:18 +0000 Panel 1: Stopping the Doomsday Clock —
The Common Good of the One Humanity

Tuesday, November 22 — 9:30 am eastern

Moderators: Dennis Small, Stephan Ossenkopp, The Schiller Institute  

An International Chorus for Peace: Dona Nobis Pacem 
Video Address from Lyndon LaRouche  

· Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany); founder, Schiller Institute: “Principles of a New Security and Development Architecture” 
· Benjamín Robles Montoya (Mexico); Congressman: “A Call to Current and Former Legislators of the World: We Must Act Now to Stop the Danger of Nuclear War” 
· Col. Richard Black (ret.) (U.S.); former state senator for Virginia: “The Danger of Nuclear War After the U.S. Midterm Elections”
· Steven Starr (U.S.); retired director of the University of Missouri’s Clinical Laboratory Science Program, expert on nuclear war: “What Would Happen if a Nuclear War Started in the Black Sea?” 
· Karl Krökel (Germany); Founder of Craftsmen for Peace: “The Role of Artisans for Understanding Among Peoples”  
· Sister Ortrud Fürst (Germany), Dominican Missionary: “Thoughts on Current World Affairs” 
· Dr. Andreas Uhlig (Germany); Organizer of Citizens Initiative Peace Negotiations NOW,  Dresden:  “Peace Negotiations NOW” 
· Liane Kilinc (Germany); peace activist
· Scott Ritter (U.S.); former U.N. weapons inspector
· Patrice Kindt (France); Mayor of Chidrac, Puy de Dôme département;
· Patrick Gombault (France), Mayor of Viâpres-le-Petit: ““Support of French Mayors for the Stralsund Call for Peace”
· Antonio Ingroia (Italy); former anti-mafia Magistrate in Sicily; former candidate for Prime Minister: “Italy and Europe Are on the Front Line in the Danger of a Nuclear War”
· Julio de Vido (Argentina); former Minister of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services (2003-2015), former congressman (2015-2017): “The Necessary Conditions for the Development of the Third World”
· Paulo Cannabrava Filho (Brazil); journalist, Editor of Diálogos do Sul: “The Danger of Nuclear War: The Alternative Is Being Built by the BRICS” 
· Alberto Quintanilla (Peru); former congressman: “The End of Globalization and the Emergence of the BRICS” 
· Pedro Páez (Ecuador); former Minister for Economic Policy (2007-2008): Greeting
· Pino Arlacchi (Italy); former head of the UN Office for Drug Control (1997-2002), professor at Sassari University.

Question & Answer Session

Panel 2: Peace Through Development

Tuesday, November 22 — 2:00 pm eastern

Moderator: Dennis Speed, The Schiller Institute 

· Diane Sare (U.S.); 2024 candidate for U.S. Senate from New York State: “America’s Voice in the Emerging New Global Architecture of Peace Through Development” 
· María de los Ángeles Huerta (Mexico); former congresswoman: “The Role of the Media in Creating a World Movement for Peace and Development”
· Donald Ramotar (Guyana); former President and former member of parliament
· Jorge Robledo (Colombia); former senator: “The Only Positive Thing About this War Is for It to End” 
· Juan Pari (Peru); former congressman: “The Energy Crisis and the Ukraine-Russia War” 
· Mike Eby (U.S.); dairy farmer, Chairman, National Dairy Producers Organization (NDPO), Exec. Dir., Org. for Competitive Markets, V.P., Penn. Farmers Union: “Monopsony – the Other Silent Killer” 
· Dr. Rodolfo Ondarza (Mexico); former Representative, Mexico City Legislative Assembly: “Bacteriological Warfare and the Need for a Global Health System”
· George Koo (U.S.); retired international business advisor: “The Prospects for U.S. China Economic Cooperation” 
· Nick Brana (U.S.); National Chairman, People’s Party: “Citizens Action to Demand Congress Stop Funding the War” 
· Tony Magliano (U.S.); Internationally Syndicated Catholic Social Justice and Peace Columnist: “Compelling Catholic Church Reflections on Peace and Nuclear Disarmament” 
· Dr. Kirk Meighoo (Trinidad and Tobago); former senator: “Reviving the Bandung Spirit of the Non-Aligned” 

Question & Answer Session 

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