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Press Release

Prominent Leaders Back Resolution Calling For U.S. and Europe To Reject Geopolitics and Collaborate With the BRICS

December 17, 2014

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Schiller Institute 30th Anniversary Conference

The New Silk Road and China’s Lunar Program: Mankind Is the Only Creative Species!


Mankind Is the Only Creative Species! Declaration of the Conference of the Schiller Institute, Oct. 19, 2014 {The following declaration was read by Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche,  and has been transcribed from the audio file.}

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30th Anniversary conference page



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  1. It’s Time To Create A World Without War
  2. The Eurasian Land-bridge, and the Schiller Institute’s Role in A Policy for a New World of Development
  3. Bach, Mozart, Brahms
30th Anniversary Brochure

Schiller Institute:

Celebrating 30 Years

of “Peace Through Development”

New Schiller Institute Broschure!

November 2013, LA Conference

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Panel 1

The Future of Mankind

Panel 2

The Power of Pacific Development

Panel 3

The Science of Human Culture

Panel 4

The Legacy and Future of JFK




Morning Panel • The World Crisis and the Solution: A New World Economic System

Keynote: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Appeals to the American People

To Once Again Save the World from Fascism: “Never Again!”

Helga Zepp LaRouche, Founder of the international Schiller Institute


Glass-Steagall Will Revive The Economy of Living People

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Intellectual Author of the SDI, Economist and Statesman

The President Must Consult Congress Before Going to War

Walter Jones, U.S. Representative from North Carolina

The Global Food Crisis and the New Paradigm

Marcia Merry Baker, EIR Economics Intelligence director

Keeping the Farmer on the Land

Frank Endres

NAWAPA and Canada

Dr. Robert Hux, Committee for the Republic of Canada



Afternoon Panel • Ending the Threat of Nuclear World War: The Pacific Century

Selections from Bach’s B Minor Mass

Schiller Institute San Francisco Chorus and Orchestra

Directed by My-hoa Steger

The Role of the Phillipines and the U.S.

Butch Valdes, Chairman of the Phillipines LaRouche Movement

The Extended NAWAPA: World Rail and Nuclear Power

Dr. Hal Cooper, engineer and infrastructure expert

The Historic Potential of the Pacific

Michael Billington, Advisor to LaRouche on Asia, USA

China and the U.S. — Inevitable Partners

Victor Chang

Australia: Free from the British Empire

Robert Barwick

California, the Pacific, and the Fight for Glass-Steagall

Harley Schlanger, Schiller Institute Board Member, Western States Spokesman for LaRouche



Evening Panel • The Role of Creativity in Development

Mozart “Dissonance Quartet” K. 465 – The Dirichlet Quartet

Nancy Shavin – Violin

David Shavin – Viola

My-Hoa Steger – Violin

Jean-Sebastién Tremblay – Cello

The Science of Creativity

Phil Rubinstein

Man and the Biosphere: Occupying It as Human Civilization

Omar Pensado

The Sense-Uncertainty of Truth

Megan Beets, LaRouchePAC Basement Team

Beethoven Cello Sonata Op. 69

Jean-Sebastién Tremblay – Cello My-Hoa Steger – Piano

Questions and Discussion



San Francisco Resolution


“The totally over indebted world financial system is so fragile, it could evaporate at any moment, like a supernova. Rather than admitting that their monetarist system of high risk speculation is bankrupt, the financial oligarchy intends to put the burden on the population, through the so called ‘bail-in’ policy! They intend a ‘hair cut’ reduction of the real economy and the living standard with the immediate result the death of millions of people, and they are now openly calling for the return of fascist regimes as in the 1930s.

“We, therefore, commit to mobilize for a national campaign, demanding the U.S. Congress implement Glass-Steagall immediately, exactly as Franklin D. Roosevelt did in 1933.

“We also pledge to revive the principles of the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, by initiating, today, a Second American Revolution and committing ourselves to turn America once again into a Beacon of Hope and Temple of Liberty, creating an alliance of perfectly sovereign nation states in the tradition of John Quincy Adams, and establishing the foundation of true peace through development.

“The implementation of Glass-Steagall is the first and indispensable step! Therefore, we call on every citizen to join the movement to establish this law, as well as a new international credit system modeled on Alexander Hamilton’s U.S. credit system, not only for the U.S., but for the whole world, so that that whole world can again become livable.”



  1. The Hope for the Future: The SDE as the Platform for the Common Aims of Civilization
  2. Energy Security for the 21st Century
  3. The Future of Eurasian Cooperation
  4. There is Life After the Euro
  5. The Future Paradigm: A Renaissance of Classical Culture and Science

Classical Concert: Verdi Arias & Mozart’s Requiem in the scientific Verdi Tuning, A=432 Hz

Click here to view!
Conference program Concert program _____________________________________________

Frankfurt Resolution: “Either Glass-Steagall, or Chaos and Genocide”

The following resolution was adopted on April 14, at the conclusion of a two-day conference by the Schiller Institute, which was dedicated to the creation of a New Paradigm to Save Civilization.

“We, gathered here near Frankfurt, Germany, representing countries from all continents, give our full support to the immediate voting up of a Glass-Steagall Act in the United States, both in the House of Representatives and the Senate, in line with the bill introduced by Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Rep. Walter Jones called the “Return to Prudent Banking Act” (HR 129).

“We are all convinced that it is a matter of life or death, and that it is only a Glass-Steagall Act in the United States that can stop the genocidal policies of the worldwide monetarist system. It is the necessary weapon to break the chains of the British Empire. In a word: It is either Glass-Steagall, or chaos and genocide.

“We in our respective countries are committed to lead that fight for a Glass-Steagall principle, both in the United States and within each of our nations. Glass-Steagall is only the first step. We must also replace the present monetary system with a public credit system in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton, based on national banking, in order to finance reconstruction of the world economy. That implies each country’s sovereignty over its own currency.

“If mankind is to have a future, we must end the present policies of conflict resolution through war, and agree on the common aims of mankind, such as overcoming poverty on Earth, and defending the planet against the very real dangers from outer space through the policies of the Strategic Defense of Earth.

“The immediate implementation of Glass-Steagall, however, is the absolutely irreplaceable mandatory first step, without which none of the other objectives has any chance of realization.

“Our common development is the new name of peace and the only alternative to thermonuclear war.”

The Resolution can be forwarded from this page!

Conference participants hailed from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Denmark, Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Germany, Greece, Irak, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kosova, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

In addition, greeting messages from Egypt, Iceland and Cyprus were submitted to the conference.

Musical Introductions

Greetings Messages

Panel 1

The Hope for the Future: The SDE as the Platform for the Common Aims of Civilization

Panel 2

Energy Security for the 21st Century

Schiller Institute Musikabend

Verdi Arias & Mozart’s Requiem in the scientific Verdi Tuning, A=432 Hz

  • A selection of pieces by Giuseppe Verdi, in honor of his 200th anniversary

  • Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626), by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Panel 3

The Future of Eurasian Cooperation

Panel 4

There is Life After the Euro

Panel 5

The Future Paradigm: A Renaissance of Classical Culture and Science

Greetings to the Conference


Presentations from the recent conference in Sterling, Virginia, at the 30th anniversary of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and with the aim of establishing a Strategic Defense of Earth (SDE), are being published as they become available!


  1. From the SDI to the SDE
  2. Glass-Steagall or Hyperinflation

Classical Concert: Beethoven, Bach & Mozart

Conference in NYC


  1. In Defense of the United States Constitution and International Law
  2. The Role of Classical Music in Uplifting Mankind

Classical Concert: Beethoven & Bach

Flörsheim 2012 Banner


  1. The Greater Middle East: Trigger for World War III Or for The Beginning of a New Era
  2. Space Cooperation and Other Common Aims of Mankind
  3. The Alternative To World War and Chaos
  4. There Is Life After the Euro! What Kind of a Europe Do We Want?

Classical Concert: Verdi & Beethoven

Click here to view!

Panel 1

The Greater Middle East: Trigger for World War III Or for The Beginning of a New Era


Panel 2

Space Cooperation and Other Common Aims of Mankind


Classical Concert


Panel 3

The Alternative To World War and Chaos


Panel 4

There Is Life After the Euro! What Kind of a Europe Do We Want?

Panel Discussion

A Renaissance of Classical Culture in Europe

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The Future Needs You.

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Mission Statement

Human civilization is currently threatened by the most dire crisis in modern history: an ongoing disintegration of the world economic system, leading into a a threatened thermonuclear confrontation, and deepened by cultural degeneration. A shift to a new paradigm is the only way forward. This paradigm shift must address the axioms underlying today’s catastrophic policies, and must be as fundamental as that axiomatic shift which moved European civilization out of the Middle Ages into modern times, with all its breakthroughs in natural science and Classical artistic composition. The Middle Ages, which was characterized by scholasticism and superstition, was replaced by a focus on modern science and modern culture. This website is intended to serve as a platform for exchanging and developing this paradigm shift.

Send us your papers and ideas from whichever field you work in; from scientific research, engineering, and agriculture, to great Classical artistic composition and performance. To avoid world war, to overcome the poverty and hunger connected with underdevelopment, to develop humanity’s capacity in the solar system and the galaxy, and to inspire the youth generation with works of beauty to fight for a future: your talents are needed!

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