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Webcast: London-Based Empire Exposed — Door Open for Trans-Atlantic Economic Change

Webcast: London-Based Empire Exposed — Door Open for Trans-Atlantic Economic Change

With well-deserved doubt greeting every strategic claim coming from the City of London and its allied forces on Wall Street and in Brussels, resulting from the ongoing exposure of their lies, e.g. on “Russiagate” and the use of “chemical weapons”, there is an unprecedented opportunity to break with the Old Paradigm on its weakest flank, the lie that the economy is strong and growing. In reality, the only thing growing is the danger of a new blowout, as there are new warnings daily of problems in the banking and financial system, due to an unsustainable bubble of all forms of debt. It was a similar confluence of bad debt and bloated leverage which led to Lyndon LaRouche’s prophetic warning, in July 2007, of an inevitable, coming blowout of the financial system, at a time when the consensus was that the economy was “strong.”

With the emergence of a model which promotes real physical growth of the economy, through the expansion of China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI), the Schiller Institute’s Helga Zepp LaRouche has been emphasizing that the time is now for the economic program developed by her husband, known as “LaRouche’s Four Basic Laws;” to be implemented. There is no reason to tolerate a new crash, with the death and misery it would create, when a proven alternative is gaining support among the majority of nations. Further, it is the desperate attempt to save the old system which is behind the drive for war coming from the imperial crowd, which would risk the annihilation of the human race, rather than give up the fictional values of their financial holdings.

The Schiller Institute has launched an offensive, to get out the truth about the financial oligarchs and their neocon war mongers, and to mobilize governments to adopt LaRouche’s Four Laws, and join the BRI. Get the latest update from Helga on this Thursday’s webcast, hosted by Harley Schlanger.

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